Sonning Common
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Total calls by type, since the beginning of 2009. Click to enlarge:

Calls by Type

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Responses by Location

From the beginning of 2009 to the end of Q3 2015 we have been called out 649 times. Almost half of the time it has been within Sonning Common, but as you will see there have been significant numbers of callouts to places such as Peppard, Caversham, Emmer Green, Tokers Green, Woodcote and Henley, etc. To see a map of the primary and secondary areas we cover, please go to our coverage page. Click here to view a pie chart of the locations to which we have been called out.

Total Responses by Type

We get called out to a huge variety of urgent problems. Chest pains are the most common, followed by people who have had a fall, then people with breathing difficulties and those who have had a stroke. The unknown column is fairly high too - this is where the patient is taken to hospital by ambulance, and we haven't managed to identify precisely what the problem is at the time. Please click here to view a pie chart of responses by type.