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The Team

Chris Brook

Chris is the team co-ordinator and has been part of the team since its inception at the end of 2008. Chris lives in Kidmore End with her husband, four chickens, and Dillon the dog. She is also a Pilates teacher and a walk leader for Sonning Common Health Walks and gets involved in much of its organisation. She is also a keen gardener.

Sue Abbott

Sue has lived in the local area for almost thirty years after moving from Nottingham. She was an antenatal teacher for five years, joining the CFR team in 2015. Sue is a Trustee of FISH and works at Sonning Common Health Centre. Her hobbies include beekeeping, cycling and skiing.

John Merricks

John has lived in Sonning Common for thirty five years and became a Community First Responder in 2019. Previously he had volunteered with St John’s Ambulance Service, attending various large-scale events including football matches. He also still volunteers as a lock keeper during the summer months.

Adam Negus

Adam was brought up and went to school in Sonning Common. He joined the Community Responder Team in 2010. He works for St John’s Ambulance Service as a First Aid Trainer and is a Youth Leader for Woodcote Youth Club. He also volunteers for Hospital Radio at the Royal Berks and for the National Trust at Basildon Park.

Who We Treat

South Central Ambulance Service carefully match emergency calls to the skills and training of each volunteer, but in reality this means most emergency calls are attended, with a few exceptions such as road traffic accidents and maternity. Examples of calls attended incude cardiac arrest, heart attack, stroke, choking, breathing difficulties, falls, serious and traumatic injuries, seizures, etc.

Where We Go

Our primary area of responsibility extends from approx Woodcote to Henley, and Nettlebed to Caversham. If a 999 call is made within this area, and it is appropriate for us to respond, we will be dispatched by the ambulance service. If an ambulance isn't immediately available we may also be asked to respond outside our primary area. We don't have blue lights, so must drive within normal speed limits.


We carry an equipment bag which contains an oxygen cylinder and masks, a thermometer, pulseoximeter (to measure oxygen levels and heart rate), blood pressure cuff, blood sugar monitor, bandages, tourniquet etc. We carry a defibrillator for cardiac arrests, and entonox to help relieve extreme pain. We also have a Mangar lifting cushion to safely lift a fallen person.